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In 2019, Ashford University undertook a major institutional transition to become an accredited non-profit university. This evolution allowed Ashford University to rewrite their own story and set the record straight regarding their student-centric mission. Their best-in-class educational methodology offered accessibility to students everywhere, no matter where they call home. 62ABOVE’s objective was to develop a unique, ownable campaign rooted in a solid strategic foundation. Our campaign solution was creative and adaptable.


62ABOVE conducted stakeholder interviews and collaborative workshops. We discovered that just like their students, Ashford’s resolution to overcome (and succeed) sets them apart. Tenacity Made became the platform to our campaign. Leveraging “tenacity,” we developed a creative campaign utilizing custom illustrations showcasing the many facets of life Ashford students are juggling. These hand-drawn animations showcased tenacity, highlighting that students have a special place within Ashford University to pursue their dreams.



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