Back to Work

Today’s lesson: discovering a brand’s true identity.

In 2019, Ashford University undertook the major institutional transition of becoming an accredited non-profit university. That’s a pretty big deal. So, it was time for them to tell their story and bring their student-centric mission to the foreground. 62ABOVE helped them develop a unique and ownable brand strategy and creative campaign, firmly rooted in research. It identified the things that set Ashford (and its students) apart, and distilled it all down to a single word: tenacity.

Tenacity, Meet Your Artistic Side

The “tenacity” platform was the result of a whole bunch of stakeholder interviews and collaborative workshops. The word was really the perfect summation of our findings: that Ashford University is a place that empowers people with an unwavering resolution to succeed. From there we created a campaign called “Tenacity Made.” We utilized custom, hand-drawn illustrations across digital and social media marketing, showcasing the many facets of life Ashford students juggle—and how Ashford University helps them pursue their dreams.