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Taking on Patent Pirates with creative firepower. And maybe a little rum.

Great inventions lead to thriving businesses that create jobs and keep the U.S. competitive. But on the seas of innovation lurk a threat known as Patent Pirates. See, many Big Tech corporations have decided it’s easier to steal patent owners’ ideas than it is to negotiate a license. They know they can use their wealth, legal resources, and weakened patent laws to drag out legal proceedings until small inventors give up or go under. Save the American Inventor needed to tell this frightening tale in a way that people would notice. So we grabbed our cutlasses and blunderbusses and got to work—eventually getting the attention of lawmakers in D.C.

Taking the fight to D.C.

Save the American Inventor is a campaign for Innovation Alliance (a coalition of inventors, patent owners, and stakeholders including QUALCOMM and Dolby), hired 62ABOVE to leverage our marketing and design expertise for a unique task. The goal was to create a campaign aimed at members of Congress (and their staff) to remind them that strong intellectual property laws are critical to America’s innovation economy. Our rallying cry was simple: STOP PATENT PIRATES. Through dynamic videos, print and digital ads, a new website, emails, and more, we bombarded D.C.

Building an army.

  • Got the attention of lawmakers and gained public enthusiasm in support of the STRONGER Patents Act.
  • Let inventors know that there are people fighting for them and what they do.