Back to Work

A passion project of wild proportions.

WILDCOAST is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to conserving coastal and marine ecosystems and finding natural solutions for climate change. At 62ABOVE, we’re passionate about the causes that WILDCOAST is fighting for, and are thrilled to be a pro bono partner of theirs. So, when they decided they needed a new logo, we couldn’t wait to dive in.

Making Our Mark

This is an organization that lives and breathes the natural environments of our coastlands. It seemed only fitting to evolve their brand design from a sleek and modern look to something organic; rugged; real. In addition to the new distressed typography, we added a circular mark that features iconography representative of the marine life and ecosystems they serve to protect, such as coral reefs and mangroves. Finally, as WILDCOAST is driving change in both the US and Mexico, it was important to have a bilingual mark that spoke to this international impact.