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The brand that’s taking the cannabis industry to a higher level.

As cannabis companies far and wide continue to expand the industry, Day Three Labs has managed to develop something that stands alone as a truly groundbreaking innovation. This proprietary nanotechnology delivers the THC and CBD molecule in a water-soluble, tasteless, and odorless powder. This will allow people to harness the power of the plant in new ways, letting them control dosage, experience, taste, quality, and safety like never before. But how do you brand a technological process like this? That’s where we came in.

Bringing Their Brand To Life

Before we could create the branding for the exciting new process, Day Three Labs itself needed a new logo that lived up to its sophisticated, cutting-edge work. The mark we made was clean and modern, featuring a sunrise rotated 90 degrees to represent the shift in perspective the company brings. Then came branding their technological creation. We called it Unlokt—as the process unlocks new potential for cannabis and the industry. The logo connects the U and the N in a seamless way, and is accompanied by the name of the parent company (Day Three Labs).