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Standing out by standing for something.

Splat was a well-known hair dye company, but they wanted their name to mean more. They wanted to be seen as a champion of self-expression and individuality to a young, accepting audience. So we made a campaign that put personality up front.

Coloring Outside The Box

As part of our brand consultancy efforts with Splat, we created a new platform that celebrated how bright life can be when you’re true to yourself. We paired the vibrant hair of our talent with other forms of self-expression—fashion, body art, dance—in striking creative assets, including video and print. In tandem with the creative work, we launched a social media influencer campaign (#DyeToBeDifferent), in which macro influencers dyed their hair live on YouTube and promoted the brand with strategic cross-platform amplification.

Turning heads

  • Nearly 85,000 live video views (with a potential reach of 7.76 million) from the influencer campaign
  • Thousands of positive in-stream live chat comments